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Area Marriage Licenses

Area Marriage Licenses

Christopher Blake Longmire, 28, of Huntingdon to Meagan Elise Walker, 22, of Huntingdon.

Dakota Kurt Langston, 19, of Cedar Grove to Julissa Karyme Brodie, 19, of Cedar Grove.

Brett Alexander Hampton, 22, of Huntingdon to Emily Beth Seaton, 22, of McKenzie.

Kenneth James Brown, 35, of Bruceton to Brittany Michelle Hilderbrand, 30, of Bruceton.

Johnny Lee Herron, Jr., 23, of Huntingdon to Lauren Renee Canada, 21, of Huntingdon.

Casey Nathaniel O’Brien, 28, of Hollow Rock to Jamie Lea Zinkel, 26, of Hollow Rock.

Kalem Phillip Pardue, 22, of Huntingdon to Desiree Michelle Pruitt, 19, of Huntingdon.

Kenneth Dale Barker, 51, of McKenzie to Amy Rochelle Perry, 47, of McKenzie.

James Ricky Gene Eubanks, 34, of Cedar Grove to Heather Nichole Frazier, 25, of Cedar Grove.

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