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McKenzie Police Reports

McKenzie Police Reports

Driving on suspended license/ speeding — According to a report filed by MPD Patrolman Austin Jones, on June 11 at 6:56 p.m., the officer noticed a blue four door car traveling at a high rate of speed on Main Street. Jones confirmed by radar that the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle was traveling at 33 in a 20 mile per hour zone. After stopping the vehicle and checking the driver’s license, Jones identified the man as Jesus Garza. A computer check revealed Garza’s license was suspended on April 6, 2017 indefinitely for failure to appear on case number 35633. Garza was charged with driving on a suspended license first offense and speeding.

Public Intoxication — According to a report filed by MPD Officer Coleman, the officer was parked near the electrical department when he noticed an individual staggering down the street, walking to his residence at 502 Walnut Avenue. The officer asked the individual, who was identified as Brian Sawyer, to perform some field sobriety tests. After Sawyer declined and told the officer to leave him alone, Coleman arrested Sawyer for public intoxication and transported him to the Carroll County Jail. Sawyer was cited into the General Sessions Court and was released after eight hours in custody.

Driving on Suspended, Revoked License/Expired Registration/ Financial Responsibility — On June 5 at approximately 8:35 p.m., a traffic stop on a red 1996 Ford Explorer on Walnut Avenue was conducted for expired registration. The driver, Ricky King, could not provide proof of insurance or an updated registration. A check revealed King’s license is currently revoked for failure to satisfy fines in Carroll County General Sessions on March 8, 2016. King was cited into General Sessions Court for driving on revoked first offense, expired registration, and financial responsibility.

Driving on Suspended/Revoked License — On June 8 at 10:06 p.m., an officer noticed a vehicle traveling above the speed limit and used the radar to confirm the vehicle was traveling 56 in a 40 mile per hour zone. The officer conducted a traffic stop and found the driver, Sabrina Davis, was driving on a suspended Kentucky drivers license from December 4, 2015 on a DUI charge. Davis was cited into General Sessions for her first driving on suspended license charge.

Driving on Suspended/ Revoked License/Financial Responsibility/Lights on Motor Vehicle — According to a report filed by MPD Officer Coleman, he was parked at Exxon when he noticed a vehicle pull into the parking lot with its passenger side headlight not working. After a traffic stop, the driver, Robert Freeman, told Coleman he did not have a drivers license or insurance. A check revealed Freeman’s license to be revoked for failure to satisfy fines in Weakley County. Coleman arrested Freeman since this was his second offense on driving with a revoked license. The vehicle was towed and Freeman was cited for financial responsibility, light law violation, failure to change address on drivers license, and failure to change address on registration.

DUI/Simple Possession or Casual Exchange/Driving on Suspended, Revoked License — On June 10 at 7:30 p.m., a concerned citizen called MPD about a silver Dodge truck that was driving recklessly on Highway 79 coming from Trezevant. MPD Officer Coleman conducted a traffic stop and found the driver, Jerry D. Gilbert, had no insurance or registration. A computer check revealed Gilbert’s license to be revoked. Gilbert admitted he was under the influence of marijuana and Coleman found a bottle of unprescribed Amitriptyline in the vehicle. It was also discovered that Gilbert’s license plate belonged to another vehicle. Coleman arrested him for DUI first offense, financial responsibility, simple possession, unlawful removal of decal, violation of vehicle lacking vin and failure to maintain lane.

Criminal Simulation — On June 10, Emily K. Lowe, secretary at E.W. James, brought a counterfeit $20 bill to MPD with a Ser. # of JH29434442. The bill was received at E.W. James on June 9.

Driving on Suspended, Revoked License/Financial Responsibility/Light Law Violation — According to a report filed by MPD Officer Coleman, Coleman initiated a traffic stop on June 11 at 10:46 p.m. after noticing a silver Chevrolet car’s passenger tail light was broken. The driver, Dean Brush, was driving on a suspended drivers license for failure to appear in Milan City Court. The proof of financial responsibility that Brush provided Coleman was not valid so Coleman cited Brush with driving on a suspended license first offense, financial responsibility, and light law violation.

Driving on Suspended, Revoked License/Light Law Violation/Driving an Unregistered Vehicle — On June 11 at 9:22 p.m., MPD Patrolman Austin Jones was traveling on Walnut Avenue when he noticed a black lawn mower traveling on the road. The lawn mower had no rear warning device and was outfitted with speakers, an amp, and numerous batteries but lacked a mowing deck. The driver, Thomas Manuel, explained that it was a personal transportation device or vehicle. The lawn mower was seized and a license check revealed Manuel’s license was revoked. Manuel was cited for driving an unregistered vehicle, violation of Tennessee light law, and second offense of driving with a revoked license.

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