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Carroll County Inmate Dies

Carroll County Inmate Dies

HUNTINGDON (June 5) — During an interview with The Banner, Carroll County Sheriff Andy Dickson said that an inmate at Carroll County Jail died on Saturday at approximately 10 p.m.

Dickson said, “Investigator Tim Meggs authorized me to disclose that the deceased, identified as Garry Greer, 58, Milan, was incarcerated in Carroll County Jail from March 8 via charges of assault-domestic related and vandalism. In addition, he was charged in Circuit Court for violation of probation.”

He continued, “On Saturday, June 3, at approximately 10 p.m., Greer was released from his jail cell for outside cell time. A few minutes later, Greer entered another jail cell by himself and was observed on video by jail staff collapsing in the cell.”

Dickson said that jail staff responded immediately to the jail cell to aid Greer until emergency medical personnel arrived.

He added, “Greer was transported by ambulance to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon where he died approximately one hour later.”

Dickson said the cause of Greer’s death has yet to be been determined.

Dickson concluded, “Investigator Meggs advised me that preliminary results relating to Greer’s death are pending and will be released once he receives them.”

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