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Construction Nears Completion on Carroll County Dispatch Facility

Construction Nears Completion on Carroll County Dispatch Facility



HUNTINGDON (June 1) — During an interview with The Banner, Carroll County Mayor Kenny McBride said completion of the new Carroll County Dispatch facility is only weeks away.

He said, “Although we have experienced lots of snow and rain this winter and spring that slowed down concrete pours and so forth, I am still

Photo by Ernie Smothers/The Banner hopeful that work on the dispatch facility will be completed by the targeted date of June 30. Regardless of whether we hit the target date or not, we are only a few weeks away from the facility being completed.”

McBride said facility construction general contractor Barger Construction of Yuma is doing an excellent job building the “hardened”, all aboveground dispatch facility on the Carroll County Jail campus.

He said, “The decision was made during the planning phase to structurally reinforce an above-ground dispatch facility rather than build a hardened bunker. The training room in the dispatch facility is where all emergency personnel will stage in the event of an emergency, so it makes sense that it needs to be hardened as well.”

He added, “The objective of building the hardened structure is to provide optimal safety and a safe working environment to dispatchers and other emergency service providers utilizing the facility. These people should not have to be concerned about weather situations occurring outside the building while they are protecting the citizens of our county.”

He concluded, “The facility’s foundation and walls is constructed of materials equipped to sustain extreme wind conditions. The amount of concrete and steel reinforcing applied to the foundation and walls of the dispatch building is staggering. The dispatch facility is constructed expressly to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at it.”

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