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County Taxes Remain Unchanged

County Taxes Remain Unchanged

CARROLL COUNTY (June 12) — Carroll County’s property tax rate remains unchanged at $1.5519 per $100 assessed value. Carroll County commissioners convened Monday, June 12 to approve the 2017-18 fiscal year budget, which includes an $800 annual pay raise for employees and $369, 258 in new revenues for the Highway Department from the increase in gasoline and diesel fuels across the state.

The $27.194 million budget includes $11,521,183 in the General Fund, $92,362 in the Drug Control Fund, $3,649,009 in the Highway Fund, $8,022,235 in the General Purpose School Fund, $1,658,172 in the School Transportation Fund, and $663,683 in the General Debt Service Fund. Donations to non-profit agencies include: $3,000 to the Rescue Squad, $4,000 to the Gordon Browning Museum, $6,000 to the McKenzie Memorial Library, $26,750 to the Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse, $500 to the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center, $200 to the McKenzie Senior Citizens Center; $100 to the Atwood Senior Citizens Center, $10,000 to the Carroll County Shooting Sports Complex, $2,500 to the Tennessee Public Safety Network; and $200 to the Carroll County Museum.

The property tax rate of $1,5519 per $100 assessed value is comprised of the following appropriations: General Fund, $1.1219; School Transportation, $.14; Highway Department, $.08; General Debt Service , $.12; and Solid Waste, $.09.

Darrell Ridgely cast the lone vote against the budget appropriations and the donations.

Commissioners approved seven resolutions to transfer funds between accounts as a year-end housekeeping move to assure all accounts balance and do not exceed budgetary amounts.

Appointments to county boards are also approved. A resolution to appoint Geneva Johnson and Austin Maddox to the Carroll County Library Board and Jerry Atkins to the Carroll County Electric Board were approved unanimously.

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