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Work Continues on Water Tank

Work Continues on Water Tank

McKENZIE (June 12) — Crews from American Tank Maintenance of Georgia are sandblasting and repainting the downtown, 300,000-gallon elevated water tank.

Billy Wood, superintendent of the city Water and Wastewater Department, said the crew is blasting off the old paint, and applying a new coat of paint – all under a containment drape suspended from the top of the tank. The drape prevents the old lead paint, being removed, and the new paint from drifting with the wind.

Renovation is expected to take a total of eight weeks.

Mr. Wood said the tank was not in use for a few years, until about 18 months ago when the fire department needed additional water pressure for its ISO review. American Tank then blasted and repainted the interior to facilitate the use of the tank.

In all, McKenzie has 1.4 million gallons of water storage in four elevated tanks – located at city hall, the hospital, the airport, and the recreation park. Additionally, the city has 150,000 in its clear well inside its water treatment plant in downtown McKenzie.

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